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DaNang City, the jewel of Vietnam.

Located at the mouth of the Hàn River, in the central coastal region of Vietnam, DaNang is like a sail stretching out to the sea and has become an attractive tourist destination for traveller’s from all over the globe. DaNang is located halfway between Vietnam’s capital in the north, Hanoi, and Ho Chi Minh City in the south, and positions it close to the many other attractions in central Vietnam.

For decades DaNang had a reputation as a quiet provincial city. But in the past twenty years, it has grown into a city where you will find stylish new modern hotels, high rise sleek apartments, and stunning modern architecture, entwined with the ancient architecture of the many cultures who have called DaNang home.

A city of many names.

DaNang City has been known by many other names during its nearly 900 years of Turbulent History.

During the reign of the Champa Civilisation, it was merely a small town and part of the Quang Nam Province and known by the local people as "Cua Han" which means the estuary of the Han river.

In 1858, a joint French and Spanish naval expedition invaded Vietnam at DaNang, beginning the era of French colonial rule in Vietnam. The French colonists renamed Cua Han, Tourane in 1889, and the city went on to become one of the top five cities in Frances colony of Indochina.

During the Second World War, following the defeat of France in Europe, The Vichy French Government was established and continued to administer France’s colonial interests and formed alliances with the Axis powers including Japan.

The Japanese Army stationed troops in Vietnam, and with the fall of the French Vichy Government in 1945, occupied DaNang's Airbase at even proclaimed Vietnam as part of its Empire.

It was during the Second World War that Nationalist Vietnamese Army the Viet Minh grew strong as an armed force fighting against the Japanese. Following the surrender of Japan in 1945, the communist-led Viet Minh organised an uprising throughout Vietnam, and seized power throughout Vietnam, forming the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. It was at this time that DaNang had another name change, from being known as Tourane and became known as Thái Phiên in memory of a Vietnamese resistance leader.

Vietnam was occupied by the Chinese in the North and British troops in the South to ensure the disarming of Japanese troops, and, by 1947 French forces began to reoccupy its former colony from the DRV, sparking the French Indo China War which dragged on for several bloody years. And during this time once again the name was changed again, to what we know as today, DaNang.

In 1954 the French forces withdrew from its Southeast Asian colonies, and with the signing of accords by the United Nations, Vietnam was split into two countries North & South Vietnam, with DaNang becoming part of the Republic of South Vietnam.

With the division of Vietnam into the North and South, over the next decade continued fighting occurred between the Communist forces in the North and the U.S supported South Vietnamese Government. In 1965 DaNang City became the location of the first landings of US forces in South East Asia, and thus began the American War.

DaNang became a major military installation for the U.S. Army and was the scene of fierce fighting throughout the War. In 1973 American forces withdrew from DaNang city, leaving it to be defended by the South Vietnamese Army until it fell to the advancing North Vietnamese Army in 1975. In April of that year, Vietnam was reunified as one country.

When is the best time of year to travel to DaNang city?

DaNang has fantastic weather, but the best time of the year to visit DaNang is from early April to September when the average temperatures are only 28-30°C. The Beautiful warm sunny weather during these months allows tourists to enjoy many of the outdoor attractions that DaNang has to offer.

Winter in DaNang is from November to February and temperatures can drop to 10 -18°C. Heavy rainfalls, typhoons, and flooding occur every year during these months, causing disruptions throughout the country, and preventing tourists from enjoying outdoor activities.

DaNang Transport

DaNang city has a modern international airport allowing flights from other countries and connections to all major cities of Vietnam. Being located in the centre of Vietnam, DaNang is a major transport hub for trains and busses which pass through the city. In the city, there are numerous methods of transport to utilize to explore the attractions of DaNang, including, taxis, local buses, ride-hailing apps, and private cars.

Staying in DaNang

There many options for accommodation to choose from whilst in DaNang. For travellers on a budget, you can choose to stay at one of the many homestays and guest houses for as little as $10 per night. And for those seeking some luxury, you can opt for one of the many world-class resorts, or hotels that stretch along the beachfront of DaNang, with prices ranging from $50-$6000 per night.

Popular tourist attractions in DaNang:

DaNang city is surrounded by many great tourist attractions, some of the most beautiful beaches on the planet, the streets are spacious and clean, the service is good, and only a short distance to other tourist attractions such as the charming town of Hoi An, the Cham Islands, Lang Co Bay, the fabled Hai Van Mountain pass, My Son sanctuary and the former imperial city of Hue.

Whether you’re a foodie, love shopping, an adrenaline junkie, history buff, a nature-lover or just wanting to relax, the city offers options for all tourists.

The Dragon Bridge

DaNang’s famous Dragon Bridge is modelled and shaped to form a gold dragon and is one of the seven bridges that cross the Han River and connect DaNang City to the beaches of DaNang. The dragon bridge has gained fame, for not just being a beautifully lit form of architecture, but also for the special performance of fire breathing and water breathing the bridge performs every Saturday and Sunday at 8.45 pm, which attracts large crowds of locals and foreigners to enjoy the show.

Linh Ung Pagoda

One of the most visited attractions in the city of Danang is the Linh Ung pagoda. This 17th-century building is a perfect example of a traditional Vietnamese pagoda. The main highlight for tourists visiting the pagoda is the famous Lady Buddha statue. The statue is situated on the side of a mountain, looking out to the ocean below. It is the highest statue in Vietnam, measuring 67 meters in height and 35 meters wide, and can be seen from nearly every corner of Danang.

My Khe beach:

My Khe beach is famous for its fine white sand, sapphire blue waters, amazing views, and romantic coconut groves. Situated only five minutes from the city centre, this beach has been voted as one of the best beaches in the world by Forbes Magazine, My Khe beach is a water playground offering tourists the chance to swim, surf, paraglide or just plain relax, in the warm waters of the South China Sea.

Son Tra Peninsula

Located 10 km east of the city center, Son Tra Peninsula is considered by the local people as the jewel of DaNang. In Son Tra, you will be able to participate in an array of exciting activities including, exploring Son Tra’s old forests including the 1000-year-old Banyan Fig Tree, swimming, fishing, and snorkelling at many of the coves or beaches stretching along the peninsula. And if you are a photographer, Son Tra offers many choices of landscapes, natural beauty, and exotic species to capture with your lens.

Marble Mountain

Located 7 km southeast of DaNang city ​​centre, is the collection of mountain outcrops of Kim - Moc - Thuy - Hoa - Tho. These five mountain peaks are commonly known as Marble Mountain (Ngu Hanh Son), a tourist attraction, and a place of Buddhist pilgrimage. When visiting Marble Mountain spend time visiting the many mountain temple complexes, and the extremely beautiful Huyen Khong Cave. On the top of the mountain peak, you will find a viewing hut overlooking the ocean, providing stunning views of DaNang city, the amazing coastline, and the many other mountain ranges nearby.

Ba Na Hills

Located in Hoa Vang district, Ba Ba mountain is 40km southwest of DaNang city. To travel to the top of the mountain one must take one of the longest cable car rides in the world, traveling over the beautiful Toc Tien waterfalls below. The ride takes over 20 minutes during which one will take in the breathtaking views.

As the cable car gets closer to Ba Na Hills it is like a scene from a fairy tale, rising above the clouds is a mountain top complex that looks like a medieval castle. Inside these stone walls of the castle, you will discover the French-inspired medieval village, the famous golden bridge in the middle of the clouds, stylish hotel accommodations, amazing restaurants, French wine cellars, and a theme park full of exciting rides.

Cruise on Han River.

A Han River cruise is an attractive point for tourists to see the beauty of DaNang at night. Departing nightly from the city side foreshore, many coloured and brightly lit tour vessels depart for a 90-minute tour along the river in front of DaNang city. The city is one of the most beautiful cities in the world by night, the colourful lights of the city buildings combine with sparkling lights of the seven bridges crossing the river, creating an array of colour reflecting on the smooth water surface of the Han River.

Han Market

A perfect DaNang holiday is not complete without a shopping excursion to the Han market. Han market is one of the oldest surviving market places in DaNang, built in the 1940s, and is centrally located on the city side of DaNang’s waterfront.

A trip to the Han Markets will allow travellers a glimpse into the true culture of DaNang City. Han Market is known as a shopping paradise, where you can freely shop, enjoy amazing local food, walk the streets and take in the sites of the inner-city waterfront of DaNang with ease. A slow walk through the markets will expose travellers to a bustling atmosphere, an array of different smells, and many colourful sights.

Experience DaNang’s amazing street food

DaNang is blessed with unique cuisine. Being located in the central part of Vietnam, its local delicacies are influenced by other nearby regions, including Quảng Ngãi, Quảng Nam and Quảng Trị, and being located by the ocean DaNang has become famous for its amazing seafood dishes.

As you walk through the streets of DaNang, your senses are overloaded by the many dishes being offered along the streets. From slowly roasting ducks, chicken, and pork, dripping fat onto the smoking coals below, numerous styles of noodles and soups being sold from steaming cauldrons, and colourful desserts being scooped into takeaway cups by street vendors, for locals and tourists alike, eyes, nose, and ears are in a constant state of motion.

There are so many popular dishes in DaNang, but some of the traditional and local dishes of DaNang city you must try include:

Bún mắm South Central Coast style

Bún mắm - central-style combines thin, round rice noodles, shredded papaya, fresh herbs, roasted pork, peanuts, mắm nêm sauce. It is this sauce that gives this dish its character a dark, pungent, fermented fish sauce which can be off-putting to some people.

Bún chả cá

Bún chả cá is a specialty of DaNang and a traditional Vietnamese noodle soup topped with fish cakes, and a broth of pork and fish is poured over the top.

Bánh tráng cuốn thịt heo

Banh trang cuon thit heo' (belly pork and vegetables wrapped in soft rice paper) is a specialty of DaNang that satisfies even the most demanding gourmet. Make sure that you eat them with the tasty sauce that can only be found in DaNang.

Cánh gà nướng

Vietnamese street food does not get any better than a plate of cánh gà nướng - BBQ chicken wings. Cooked over a trough of blazing hot charcoal, you will not be able to stop wanting to eat these super tasty chicken wings.

Mì Quảng

This famous noodle soup, combines rice noodles, fresh herbs, pork, shrimp, served with a small amount of turmeric-infused broth.

DaNang Nightlife

DaNang has gained a reputation for its amazing nightlife scene. From its coffee culture, rooftop nightclubs overlooking DaNang City, Beach front bars offering a chilled night in a relaxing setting, Speakeasy style jazz bars with amazing cocktails, riverfront breweries with views of the twinkling DaNang city lights, or local Vietnamese restaurants filled with friendly locals cheering Một – Hai – Ba – dzô", with endless supplies of beer, there is always somewhere to end a perfect day.


Danang City is one of the most worthwhile, and not to be missed locations to visit in Vietnam. A city that combines the harmony and the natural beauty of mountains, sapphire blue ocean, white breathtaking beaches, stunning architecture, diverse cuisine, and warm-hearted and friendly local people, creating a city that is truly a dream destination for travellers to come and explore.