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My Secret Cơm Gà Quay DaNang Street Food destinations

The beautiful beachside and the bustling urban core of DaNang are separated by the grand Han River. There is a lot of literature recommending the authentic and, believe me, fantastic, street foods that can be found in DaNang.

And sometimes I just don't like to share my "favourite favourite" restaurants because I don't want to have to elbow my way through a swarm of people the next time I go there. But after going without one for a while, my friend finally brought me to my favourite Com Ga in Vietnam, and I couldn't contain my elation, so I figured it was high time I spread the word.

It's not on Google Maps, it's teeny, and it has the best chicken ever.

Blink and you'll miss this stall just off the main road on Nguyn Công Tr, where locals congregate for the best Bun Bo , My Quang, and Banh Canh Ca. The restaurant is run by a mother and her daughter, and upon entering, customers are greeted by a row of boiled chickens. The menu features Com Ga prepared in a variety of ways, but my go-to order is Cm Gà Quay (Vietnamese roasted style) (its actually steamed chicken which is deep fried without a coating)

My favourite spot for Com Gà Quay, in DaNang, is completely off the radar, but I'd love for you to come check it out.

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