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Traditional Vietnamese Recipe - BÚN RIÊU: (CRAB NOODLE SOUP)



500g pork bones

500g pork ham hocks

250g Crab meat (2 crabs)

250g Dried Shrimp

Raft 1:

6 bulb shallot minced

1 full bulb of garlic minced

5 Red chilies

2 tsp ground annatto seed or ground paprika

500g tomatoes quartered

500g ground pork

250g dried shrimp

300g crab meat (2 crabs boiled and meat picked)

1 tbsp minced crab paste

2 tsp shrimp paste

4 tbsp fish sauce

1 tbsp sugar

Raft 2 (Rieu):

2 egg whites

250g shrimp finely minced

300g crab meat (2 crabs boiled and meat picked)

250g ground pork

3 tbsp minced crab paste

2 tbsp fish sauce

2 tbsp corn starch or tapioca starch


150g of fried firm tofu

Water spinach

Shredded Banana flower

Vietnamese basil

Vietnamese mint leaves

lime cut into wedges

Shrimp paste

3 x Red chili chopped

1 packet of Bean sprout

1 Packet of thick Vermicelli (bun) – cooked as per packet.


Making broth:

In a stockpot, bring water to boil then add pork bones & ham hocks. Simmer for an hour.

If using ground whole crab, in a medium mixing bowl, dissolve the crab mixture into 4 cup of water, Strain and discard any left over crab pieces. Let the crab water sit for a while.

After an hour, remove pork bones but keep pork ham hocks inside the pot. If using ground whole crab, carefully pout the crab water into the pot.

Making raft 1:

When waiting for the pork bones and ham hocks to cook, in a large sauteed pan, add 2 tbsp of veggie oil, followed by shallot, garlic, ground annatto seed, Thai chilies then saute for few minutes.

In a medium mixing bowl, combine the rest of the ingredients in raft 1 and mix well. Then add this mixture in the sauteed pan above.

Stir and saute until the ground pork is completely cooked.

Turn off the heat. Add this mixture to the stock pot (after already discarded pork bones) and simmer for another 15 minutes.

Making raft 2 (rieu):

In a medium mixing bowl, combine all ingredients in raft 2, mix well.

Make sure the temperature of the stockpot is at simmer (do not let it boil). Then using a spoon and gradually add one spoon of the raft 2 mixture into the stockpot. Rafts (rieu) will be floating on the liquid's surface when they are done cooking.

Simmer for another 15 minutes after spooning all the raft 2 mixture into stockpot. Adjust seasoning with fish sauce or salt. The soup is ready to eat at this point.


In a biggest dinner bowl, put vermicelli in then ladle the Crab Consomme soup together with ham hocks, tomatoes, rafts. Don't forget to add a little bit amount of each sides into the bowl to experience Bun Rieu to the fullest.