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Zo - Flame Grill & Vietnamese Home Food

First and foremost, Vietnamese is a cuisine that celebrates the idea of family.

Every family meal in Vietnam is a sacred occasion. It is not just a space for reunion, but also a time for connection, sharing, and affection.

Zo - Flame Grill & Vietnamese Home Food goes to great lengths to provide guests with authentic home cooking and to give individuals a sense of belonging.

Located in the heart of Sonasea walking street, Bãi Trường, Phú Quốc, this newly opened restaurant, has quickly become one of the best Garden BBQ restaurants on Phu Quoc Island, offering some of the best-imported meats and freshest local seafood.

The restaurant's head chef, Đới Văn Độ, is a native of Nam Dinh, the birthplace of Vietnamese pho, and he takes great pride in creating some of the best Northern Vietnamese-influenced cuisine on the island, boasting a menu with over 100 different dishes, offering breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee and juices. As well as offering draft beer, an extensive cocktail list and a wine cellar.

When I dined at this bright and airy restaurant during the day, I ordered from the ala carte menu to experience the restaurant's genuine home-style cuisine. There were so many options that I decided to let the chef pick his personal favourites.

Firstly before I pass judgement, let me warn you now, the portions are massive.

A swimming pool size bowl of one of the most delectable soups I have had the pleasure of consuming, Canh ngao chua (Sweet and Sour clam soup). Loaded with clams, a broth reminiscent of a bún riêu, jammed full of pineapple, chunks of tomato, sliced okra, beansprouts and the slightest hint of Vietnamese perineal coriander.

Next came a stunningly presented shredded chicken salad,(nộm gà xé phay) that could have served four let alone one starving journalist. Featuring hand-shredded poached chicken, crispy cucumber and carrot, and a gentle drizzle of the chef's homemade dressing, this dish is both delicious and healthy.

My favorite was next, and it was sooooo, gooood!

Tht kho tiêu (slowly cooked pork belly in fish sauce) is a simple Vietnamese dish that many mothers prepare daily. However, as soon as the pork entered my mouth, it disintegrated! As a cook, I understand the difficulty of accomplishing such a feat! Bravo Bravo Bravo, that's all I can say. A dish that is truly comforting food in the perspective of the Vietnamese, produced by a great chef, and deserving of the highest praise.

And for the finale, a slowly grilled fillet of bamboo shark, marinated in a secret marinade heavily influenced by turmeric. Golden, flaky and moist (with no bones) with a slightly spicy overtone, and a hint of smoke from the open charcoal BBQ, a remarkable and truly memorable dish, one I will surely return for.

Next time I will come with a group of friends to experience their wonderful BBQ options, including imported beef from Australia and Canada as well as the freshest local seafood imaginable.

Until then I will pop in for “The best bowl of beef Pho” on Phu Quoc Island. Created from a recipe handed down through the ages, and cooked Oh so slowly over 16 hours.

Hop online for their menu or call the restaurant direct for delivery, with free delivery for guests holidaying at Novotel, Best Western, Mường Thanh, Andochine, Intercontinental, Pullman, Sailing Club, Regent Hotels and resorts.

Come to Zo to see if it’s as good as the rumours!

⏰Opening hours: 6h30–23H Daily

☎️Booking & Delivery: 0297 6272 888

✅Add: SS03-TM1, Sonasea walking street, Bãi Trường, Phú Quốc, Việt Nam

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